Combat Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Combat knives are in a class of weaponry all to themselves. As one of the oldest forms of self defense, knife fighting is universal to most cultures and nations. Because of this fact, there are many different types and styles of combat knives available to both soldiers and individual civilians.

It takes a lot of training to understand how to use a combat knife in a true life situation. Soldiers in the U.S. military are equipped with at least one combat blade, and sometimes more if their survival situation calls for it. Military uniforms often provide their soldiers with knife sheaths in their jacket, waist and boots for easy access in times of need.

Due to their smaller shape and relatively sharp edges, most combat knives are meant to attack, rather than to defend, from an assailant. Thus, unlike fencing and broad-swords, the blade is meant to come into contact with flesh and not the metal of another knife. Combat knives should be kept as sharp as possible to be both effective in an actual knife or hand-to-hand fight and to prevent accidental cuts due to a dull blade.

How to Apply Combat Knives to the Civilian Life

Because most people do not travel to war zones on a daily basis, many do not feel the need to purchase a combat knife for their home. However, survivalists, campers, hikers, hunters and anyone who may discover themselves caught in the wild without outside contact may find themselves needing a reliable source of defense from animals. Plus, people who live in urban situations sometimes wish to arm themselves while walking home from work, and may carry a small combat knife in a pocket or purse just for the relative peace of mind.

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