Custom Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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When the usual group of blades and handles is not enough for an individual, he has the option of contacting someone who specializes is making custom knives. This can be for a number of different reasons, from personal tastes to physical handicaps. Some simply wish to have their name, the year, or a short message carved into the blade for a personal touch.

This latter form of custom knives is the most popular amongst businesses and family members interested in giving a unique touch to their gifts. Etchings are made either along the blade or along the handle utilizing a CO2 laser and special metal spray, leaving a permanent mark. The spray is first sprayed along the surface of the blade, then the laser carefully heats the specific areas of the logo or lettering, causing the metal spray to soak into the surface below.

The result is a black or silver engraving that is both pretty and informative. Many engineering and construction companies put their name, phone number and web site onto simple folding blades and give them to employees and possible clients as promotional items. Prices for this service can vary, depending on the company you purchase the knives through, but typically the more knives you personalize in bulk the cheaper the per item price is.

Other Opportunities to Give Custom Knives

If you know of a hunter, hiker, camper, fisherman or knife enthusiast, a custom knife is sometimes the most personal and useful gift you can give. Custom knives can be given to an active hiking couple on their wedding day or as a celebratory gift to a now "former" student at his or her graduation ceremony. Because they are so useful, customized folding knives and multi-tools can be appreciated by just about anyone.

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