Discount Kershaw Knife

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The discount Kershaw knife is available online at knife supply warehouses, often at drastically reduced prices. The Kershaw knife is a high-quality knife, usually retailing from $40.00 and up. By shopping the Internet, the knife buyer can find good deals on some of Kershaw's best-selling designs, including the favorites by Ken Onion.

The Discount Kershaw Knife

Kershaw makes some of the most innovative and popular knives on the market. The price of these fine knives usually reflect this fact. But suppliers looking to sell overstocks or discontinued items will sometimes offer Kershaw knives at discounted prices. The knife shopper should look for the designs of Ken Onion, master knife maker, when perusing the selection of Kershaw knives. One example of his design is the Chive, available with a black titanium nitride or rainbow colored blade and handle. The Scallion is a folding knife with a plain or serrated blade. The Leek has an integral liner in the handle. The Whirlwind has a partially serrated blade.

All of these Ken Onion designs have assisted openers. These come in two varieties, the thumb stud and the index-open system. The thumb stud releases the blade with a push of the thumb. The index-open system allows the blade to open when one pulls back on the protruding part of the finger guard of the closed blade. One-hand opening makes these Kershaw knives popular with professionals such as fire and rescue, and police personnel.

Popular Kershaw Blades for Less

The discount Kershaw knife is available online and at wholesalers for much less than retail. Popular models by Ken Onion, as well as some of Kershaw's other innovative designs, can be obtained for as much as 50% off. Explore the many sources for discount Kershaw knives.

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