Fishing Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to important fisherman tools, nothing is quite like a good set of fishing knives. Whether you are a novice or fish regularly, it is always important to have the right cutting blade at hand at any time. The following are several essential fishing knives that should be in any fish-lover's toolkit.

Of course, the most obvious is the fillet knife, a thin and bendable cutting tool which can gently travel alongside the fish's spine to detach the main side muscle from the body. Some fillet knives include gutting spoons on the other side to help scrape guts, pools of blood and membranes from the inside. Other fishing knives can include small bleeding knives, bait knives to cut herring and a serrated scaling knife.

Because of the messy business of fishing, it is essential to keep fishing knives sharp and well cared for. Fish scales and salt water should be rinsed off of the knives and the blade should be sharpened regularly. Doing so will keep the blade edge thin enough to quickly cut through fish meat and cause less damage to the meat when it does.

The Size and Shape of Fishing Knives

It is important to choose the right fishing knives for the type of fish that is most likely going to be caught. A short, slim one is perfect for rock cod, ling, trout and other smaller fish. However, if you are planning on gutting and scaling large salmon, tuna or bass, a larger, heftier knife is going to be needed.

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