Fixed Blade Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Fixed blade knives are basically knives which do not allow movement of the blade at all. These are the classically designed knives and differ greatly from switchblade or folding knives. Because the blade is completely immovable, they offer a greater sturdiness and complete wrist control even under the most extreme conditions.

Fixed blade knives are easier to clean than multi-tool and pocket knives as they have no moving parts to become clogged with organic and inorganic matter. A simple wipe and polish of the blade and handle are all that are needed. They can be stored in a sheath and can even be designed to hold special medical emergency items within the handle, if necessary.

There are thousands of different types and manufacturers of knives, so purchasing one can often be difficult. However, if you narrow the ultimate purpose the best blade knives can be more readily found. There are fixed blade knives for hunting, fishing, chopping and paring in addition to outdoor survival and combat knives.

Specialty Fixed Blade Knives

Some of the most unique knives are throwing blades. These can be utilized in extreme emergency situations when life and death are seriously at stake. Throwing knives can be kept in hidden places about the body (many combat soldiers keep them in their boots) and revealed only as a last offensives move.

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