Folding Utility Knives

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Folding utility knives are becoming more popular as an versatile alternative to fixed utility blades. The fixed blade utility knife is a staple of the craftsman, artist or contractor who needs a sharp and compact tool for cutting through various materials. The folding utility knife has all the features of its fixed blade predecessor but also has the added convenience of safe portability.

Super Knife

The Kimco Company makes folding utility knives called the "Super Knife". It is designed as a combination pocket and utility knife. It accepts all standard utility blades and features an aluminum handle. It comes with a blade removal service tool that can snap onto a key ring for easy access. This portable utility knife folds to 3.5" and comes in a mini version for key rings, making it a handy tool to have in a purse, pocket or glove compartment.

This knife has a belt clip to keep the knife and service tool handy for instant use should the need arise. It is available with a rubberized handle for a non-slip grip, and uses the same liner lock technology found on folding sport, hunting and tactical knives to keep the blade closed safely. The Super Knife comes with accessories such as sheath, extra-thick blades and a carrying case.

Online Availability

Folding utility knives are available through online suppliers of knives and contractor's tools. They are reasonably priced for the professional or anyone who is looking for a lightweight and portable multi-use tool. The folding feature keeps the blade in place, so that it is safe to carry anywhere.

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