Gerber Folding Knives

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Gerber folding knives are found in many of the lines created by this well-known knife manufacturer. Folding knives are handy for any sport or tactical purpose. Gerber folding knives feature liners that spring into place upon opening the knife, locking the blade in place. Thus, the blade will be instantly ready to use.

Complete Line of Folding Knives

The Harsey Air Ranger is a compact folding knife available in fine edge or serrated blade. It has a removable clip for a slimmer profile, and an aluminum handle machined with a checkerboard pattern for better grip. The Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Folder is a knife designed by former members of the military for use by professionals. It is made with a liner lock mechanism and stainless steel liners. The Chameleon utilizes a patented handle design that allows for a comfortable grip while reducing the possibility of slippage. It folds to a length of about 4 inches. The Game Pro is a fine folding hunting knife designed for skinning game, and the Gator has a patented Kraton rubber handle that is comfortable and slip-resistant even when wet.

There are many more Gerber folding knives available, all of which feature high-quality stainless steel blades with a variety of handle materials, such as aluminum, Kraton rubber, nylon and laminate. Some blades are coated with black titanium as an anti-glare device. Some folding knives come as part of a multi-tool, which will contain scissors, files and screwdrivers all in one.

Gerber Knives Online

The entire line of Gerber folding knives is available online at numerous knife warehouses and distributors that specialize in fine sport and professional knives. Some knives, such as the Fred Carter Utility knife, are priced to sell at closeout prices. Whatever your needs, Gerber has a folding knife that will suit you and your budget.

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