Gerber Knives

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Gerber Company makes a full line of hunting, outdoors and professional knives. In addition to standard blades for use in the field, Gerber manufactures tools for the handyman, such as their Recoil Auto-Pliers and Sport Utility pack containing all the necessary tools for the outdoorsman. Most Gerber knives have blades that are made of tempered stainless steel, and some have Teflon coatings.

The Hunting and Outdoors Knife

These Gerber knives are designed for the activities engaged in by hunters, campers, hikers and fishermen. The hunting knife is usually 6-9" long with a non-serrated blade. Some models, such as the Gerber Gator, have a gut hook for dressing game. Most hunting knives are fixed-blade, but folding blades are available. Gerber knives are also useful for the outdoorsman. They make knives such as the Harsey Air Ranger for cutting rope and whittling. The AR series is a multi-purpose knife with one-hand opening for versatility in the field. Gerber multi-tools offer scissors, pliers, bootle and can openers and files.

Gerber Knives for the Professional

Gerber makes tactical knives, as well. The Applegate-Fairbairn line of tactical knives are an example of folding knives designed for hand-to-hand combat. They are made with stainless steel blades and a non-glare coating, and like many Gerber professional knives, were developed by military personnel. The Gerber-Emerson Alliance was designed by tactical knife designer Ernie Emerson and features a locking pin and a coated stainless steel blade.

Many Gerber knives can be used interchangeably for different uses. Tactical knives are designed to be used in any situation that may arise for the soldier or rescue professional. They are multi-function tools that can save the life of a man or woman in the field during survival or combat situations.

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