Gerber Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Gerber knives are some of the most widely popular blades out there. The Gerber name is commonly associated with high-quality multi-purpose knives, folding blades and emergency cutting tools. They are ideal for campers, hikers, rafters, kayakers, and hunters.

Most Gerber knives feature short blades and handles that are easy to maneuver. Some are simple static one-blades, while others are designed to fold into the handle. The blade is usually stainless steel and are manufactured with patented handles.

The reasons why the Gerber name is synonymous with quality and safety are that they are built with a revolutionary knife grip technology. A central core made out of glass and polypropylene is surrounded by moulded rubber and then both are chemically fused together. Even when wet, a hand can grab onto the knife without danger of slipping.

Multi-Purpose Gerber Knives and Tools

Gerber also designs a number of different types of pocket knives and "compact toolboxes." These types of Gerber knives place the power of a number of different tools, from pliers, wire cutters, screw drivers, can openers, ruler and files, to be put right at one's disposal. Add a variety of different blade types and lengths to this hand tool, and you can perform almost any small manual task.

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