Gerber Multi Tools

Written by Sierra Rein
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Gerber multi tools are some of the best types of utility items on the market today. Some are specially made for specific professional or recreational use, like hunting, fishing or camping. Others are designed more for the overall general need for a handy, practical and reliable set of tools.

Gerber multi tools are built in a variety of different sizes. The full-sized Multi-Plier series are 7 1/4 inch long when opened, 5 1/2 inches closed. Smaller "keychain" or pocket versions are made to fit into the palm of your hand and are extremely discreet and compact.

Some Gerber tools can be opened automatically with one flick of the wrist. This is particularly useful for people who tend to need one hand operation of a utility knife. All Gerber tool components usually feature the SAF-T PLUS(tm) locking system to prevent accidental closures, slips and cuts.

Keeping Gerber Multi Tools Effective and Powerful

Because of their already high quality design, most Gerber multi tools can last a long time without maintenance. However, like most things, multi tools will last beyond their warranty if they are properly cleaned and sharpened on a regular basis. Gerber recommends rinsing a multi tool in fresh water and utilizing a cotton swab to get any salt water, sand or fibers out, then lubricate it with 3-in-1 or gun oil.

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