Hunting Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you wish to prepare yourself for any occasion out in the wild, arm yourself with a few quality hunting knives. These can be incredibly useful if you plan on hunting in the wild and can be handy around the campsite and in a physical emergency. Most hunters use their knives to help cut tree limbs, to field-dress game and as a practical weapon against wild animals.

There are many types of hunting knives, from the heavy-duty Bowie knife to the fine-edged skinning knife. There are also specialized knives for gutting and boning large animals as well as smaller blades for fowl and small game. A hunter should also have a multi-tool always on hand in case he finds himself needing a pair of pliers, tweezers, files or emergency blades.

Choosing a hunting knife for your purposes depends on what type of game you will be targeting, and if you will be gutting and dressing the prey yourself. A typical hunting knife should be no longer than 4 1/2 inches, although 5 is fine for multi purpose tasks. The handle should allow for 1/4 inch space on both sides of the hand when grasped to maximize comfort.

Respect Hunting Knives for the Power they Have

Every hunter who owns a knife understands how much power and responsibility their blade demands. It is extremely important to recognize how lethal these blades are in addition to their usefulness. Always keep hunting knives sharp, well kept, sheathed properly, and away from young children and adolescents.

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