Kershaw Knives For Sale

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Kershaw Knife Company is a well-known designer and manufacturer of cutlery for home and outdoor use. Kershaw knives feature the design innovations of master knife maker Ken Onion and many are made in honor of, or to benefit, certain individuals and organizations. The National Geographic Carabiner tool, for example, is a spring-loaded multi-tool with a clip for attaching to a belt, vest or backpack.

Knives for Many Uses

Kershaw knives for sale include kitchen cutlery such as bread knives, steak knives and meat cleavers. These knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel and feature polymer handles. These kitchen knives are available individually or in sets. Kershaw makes fixed-blade and folding knives for hunting, fishing and professional use. Their diving knives have double-edged blades and a sheath and clip system. Speedsafe knives by designer Ken Onion feature a patented torsion bar mechanism to assist with opening the blade. Many of these knives are designed for specific purposes. For example, tactical Speedsafe knives come with black coatings to make them less visible.

Specialty Knives

Kershaw knives for sale includes some knives designed with the assistance of Steven Seagal, actor and tactical weapon aficionado. These knives have features specifically requested by Seagal such as Stingray leather handles used on Japanese swords. They are also designed to fit comfortably in his hand. They are serrated and non-serrated.

Most Kershaw knives for sale are available online, and careful shopping can yield good savings. These are high-quality knives which can be expensive, but the technology and innovation behind each design makes Kershaw knives a good value.

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