Knife Dealers

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are interested in purchasing a high quality blade soon, the first people to contact are some local knife dealers in the area. These can range from small mom and pop stores to larger camping gear outfitters. The larger the store, the more likely you will be to lose some speciality, but you may be able to get a great deal on some of the more popular knives.

There are some knife dealers who concentrate on specific brand names or types of knives and become experts in one particular category. A company may deal only with quality professional kitchen cutlery, for example, or could be extremely well-versed in high-grade combat knives. If you are focusing your attention on a very detailed type of knife, it is best to concentrate on someone who knows the exact field you are looking in.

You are more likely to get a great deal through wholesale knife dealers. These businessmen buy directly from the manufacturer and spend little or no time raising the price for consumers. Sometimes, however, their stock depends on what the manufacturer is making at the moment and prices can vary based on the original bulk price.

Knife Dealers on the Internet

One of the most popular venues for dealers of knives is through the Internet, where auctions, web stores and informational sites on cutlery, knives and swords abound. If you are unsure of which type of knife to get, these can be great resources to go through and explore. However, some knives (especially those like throwing knives which must be balanced to the hand) require a more personal, in-depth look.

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