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Written by Abby Luttrell
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When we see the variety of high-tech knives available in modern times, it's difficult to remember that man's first knife was a sharpened piece of flint. Until the Bronze Age began, in 3500 B.C., stone and flint had to serve for killing animals, skinning them, and cutting fibers and cloth. As a resource, knives were not plentiful; the flint and stone points had to be laboriously sharpened, and broke easily.

The History of Knives

The Bronze Age brought knives and weapons of bronze and later, copper. Bronze knives and swords were prized possessions. Iron was known also, but it was only available in small amounts, and not much was known about how to melt it down and extract it. Early knives and swords made out of iron were brittle and broke easily.

The craft of metal-working was developed in ancient Egypt and Assyria in the Middle East. Bronze and copper swords, knives and weapons became common through the medieval age. In fact, up until the 18th century, men brought sharpened knives to the dinner table both for use in eating and protection. It wasn't until forks evolved, with sharp tines that could spear food, that dinner knives were dulled and rounded and the sharp points were filed off.

Now with stainless steel technology, some of the highest grades of steel are available for hunting knives, pocket knives and tactical knives. Sophisticated and refined heat treatments temper the steel to the right consistency. The higher the grade of steel, the better the knife; for example, a grade of 440 is better than 400.

Knife Resource--Wide Selection of Knives

Many companies now have created a wide variety of excellent, razor-sharp knives for all uses. The Kershaw Knife Company, with master designer Ken Onion, has a large selection of high-tech folding and hunting knives available. Ken Onion's innovative designs have become instant collector's items. Knife designs from the Kershaw Knife Company include the "Vapor," the "Whirlwind," the "Blackout," the high-end "Boa," and the "Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation" knife, partial proceeds of which go to aid that wildlife fund.

Colt knives feature the popular "Detective Special Silver Linerlock" design, as well as the "Python Linerlock." These knives are state-of-the-art linerlocks with 440 stainless steel sandblasted blades. Columbia River manufactures some distinctive knives. Their "Sampson's K.I.S.S." is a leading tactical folding knife with AUS-6M stainless steel construction.

Gerber has a superior tactical knife, the Applegate-Fairbairn "Combat Folder". This knife has a stainless steel double beveled blade with a patented interlock system. The Applegate-Fairbairn "Covert" has a ATS-34 steel single edge blade with a glass-reinforced nylon handle. These knives come with standard ambidextrous thumb studs. Finding Gerber knives is easy on the Internet, in recommended sites.

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