Knife Sharpener

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Fine knives have to be well cared for. Even if you buy knives at a discount, they are still quality tools that will serve you well if you take care of them. We recommend honing stones or a knife sharpener's kit for maintaining your knives.

What's Inside a Knife Sharpener's Kit?

A knife sharpener's kit will come with honing stones and holders. These should be in at least a couple of different grits. A good knife sharpener's kit will include fine, medium and coarse grit honing stones.

You should also have a knife clamp for easy honing as well as an angle guide with handle. Guide rods and stone holders will also be part of the package. Most important is the honing oil, with instructions for the best knife sharpening techniques.

On recommended websites, honing stones will also be available. Arkansas Pocket Stones are good honing tools. Frost Cutlery puts out an extra fine honing stone. Frost Cutlery also makes a good all-around knife sharpener's kit.

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