Knife Sharpening

Written by Sierra Rein
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Knife sharpening is a skill that all knife owners should learn and master. It is the premiere way to keep a knife as good as it was new. It also maintains the sharpness of the blade and allows it to cut swiftly and safely with one movement.

The tools necessary for knife sharpening range from a simple stone to a roll sharpener which keeps the blade aligned with the rough surface. As long as the metal is consistently brought along the edge of the stone, the knife will be sharpened. Stones (and any number of other tools which utilize rough surfaces) can be found in many different levels of grit, from coarse to medium and fine.

The sharpener that you will purchase often depends on the type of knife, or knives, that you need to have sharpened. Short knives can be sharpened on small stones, as they require shorter arm movements to run the blade along the edge of the sharpener. However, for long blades a knife sharpener which has a strong hand or finger-hold handle would be safer and more effective.

Knife Sharpening is an Art

There is a delicate timing associated with knife sharpening, one that takes skill and grace. If you don't get your first knife as sharp as you wish it to be, be patient. With enough practice, you will learn how to bring the blade to a sharp finish in just a few minutes.

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