Knife Sharpening Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are a number of different knife sharpening systems to choose from. The process of knife sharpening is essential for the maintenance and safety of any blade. Keeping the blade sharp results in a cleaner cut and can help lower the chance of accidental slip-ups.

For maximum effectiveness, a blade edge should be as thin as possible. The best knife sharpening systems are able to angle the knife against the sharpening surface at the right degree to make as thin an edge as they can. Some sharpening systems are manual, such as a ceramic stone, while other electrical appliances utilize a general angling program to sharpen blades.

Manual knife sharpening systems are basic in nature and include a small sharpening stone, polishing cloth and vial of lubricating oil for maintenance. They are perfect to store along with the knife and sheath, or can be placed in a toolkit for easy accessibility. Electric knife sharpeners are a little less portable, but they are quick, reliable and perfect for personal kitchens, restaurants and catering companies.

How to Use Manual Stone Knife Sharpening Systems

Hold in one hand the stone with the coarser side up and draw the blade of the knife carefully towards you. Keep the blade at a 20 angle and place a moderate amount of pressure downwards. Once ten strokes are placed on either side of the blade, utilize a finer grit stone and repeat.

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