Written by Beth Hrusch
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Knives are becoming a popular tool in many professions and activities, and they can serve a variety of functions. Depending on how they are designed, they can be used for hunting, fishing, outdoors, tactical work and throwing. Most knives are made from either carbon steel, stainless steel or titanium.

Knives for Outdoor Use

All knives have the same general shape and components, but there are variations based on what they are made to do. Outdoor activities often require knives. Hiking knives are generally lightweight with a 3-4" blade. They can attach to a backpack and are non-serrated and locking for use on the trail. The camper would want to choose a knife that is non-serrated for cutting food and kindling, or whittling a tent stake. Knives for rock climbing will have a one-hand open/close feature, rubber grip and serrated blades for cutting rope.

Hunting knives have short handles and wide blades, curved for filleting. The blade will be 4-6" long and is designed to cut through hide. Fishing knives have thin, tapered blades that are 4-7" long. They flex for precision cuts through delicate flesh.

Knives for Professional Use

Knives are often life-saving devices when used by professionals such as police, fire and rescue and the military. These types of knives are referred to as tactical knives, and they are often larger and more heavy-duty than those used by sportsmen. Tactical knife blades will be about 5-10" long and oxidized for protection from the elements. Another crucial feature of these knives is one-hand open and close. These blades are often made of titanium for its superior strength.

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