Written by Sierra Rein
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Of all the tools wielded by humankind throughout the past, knives have certainly been the most useful. Whether sharp, pointed or serrated, a knife is a powerful cutting tool. Properly understanding the effectiveness, care and danger of these items is extremely important before purchasing one for your home or business.

One of the worst mistakes a person can make is buying a brand new sharp knife and misusing it. Most knife manufacturers and designers choose specific metals, blade widths, and handle balances to fit the designated purpose more effectively. If someone uses, say, a fish fillet knife to cut a rope or piece of metal, that fillet knife will be rendered practically useless.

It is essential to understand proper care, sharpening, storage and safety of knives before you pick one up. Many accidents with blades can be avoided once the best knife is chosen. All you need to do is write down a list of what you need and know who will be using it to target the best blade, serration, handle and accessorizing materials for the job.

The Limitless Array of Knives and Blade Types

There are a multitude of purposes for knives as well as many different styles to choose from. Of course, the most common are the simple kitchen knives meant to be used for spreading butters and dips or to cut vegetables and meats. However, there are also many other types of blades, decorative and otherwise.

There are three main categories to choose between when considering the purchase of a knife. Knives pertaining to cutlery are usually found in the kitchen, but can range anywhere from a simple butter knife to a kitchen cleaver. Hunting and fishing knives are meant to quickly cut into flesh easily and without too much hassle.

Tactical knives, sometimes known only to soldiers and marines in the military, are also used by campers and survivalists who need a quick method of cutting a number of things. These are meant for day to day and emergency use. These knives can be very handy for backpackers suddenly face to face with a mountain lion, or rock climbers who need to cut a rope quickly and efficiently.

Purchasing Knives Online

If you know exactly what type of knives you are looking for, including proper blade and handle balance, there are many opportunities to purchase knives online. Although quality and the sharpness of a blade are not necessarily reliable through used auctions, there are also numerous stores who offer new, technologically advanced blades and accessories for a fraction of the original cost. However, if you wish to hold a blade in your hand before paying for it, buying in person is a wiser choice.

Remember, a knife should become an extension of the hand and should be wielded as such. Never buy a knife that you feel uncomfortable holding or that hurts your wrist with its weight. Be slow and practiced before using a knife, and with proper concentration you will learn how to slice, dice, cut, swing, and throw a knife with ease.

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