Leatherman Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Leatherman knives are not just simple pocket blades. Indeed, the Leatherman name is now synonymous with high-quality multi-tools. These multi-tools are built to put a variety of blades, drivers, files, cutting implements and pliers at your fingertips.

Leatherman knives make good gifts for anyone who regularly uses his or her hands to fix or make things. Fishermen can use the pliers one moment to bait a hook, then a blade the next moment to bleed a fish. Craftspeople can make jewelry, carve wood, cut wire and file metal down with the aid of one of these simple tools in their hands.

Indeed, some households can save space by purchasing one Leatherman knife to replace an entire toolkit! They can be placed in kitchen and garage drawers, near medical emergency aid kits and in car trunks for any situation. They are also perfect to include in earthquake or hurricane survival gear kits and camping gear.

Many Leatherman Knives to Choose From

There are eight main Leatherman knives to choose from: the Pulse, Crunch, Wave, Sideclip, Supertool, PST, PST II and Micra. Each have distinct sizes, functionalities and characteristics that set one apart from the other. Once you know what kind of knife and accessory tools you need, you can find the right kind of Leatherman knife for purchase.

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