Leatherman Tools

Written by Sierra Rein
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Leatherman tools are relatively young compared to other multi-functional tool markets. The founder of the company, Tim Leatherman, found himself traveling in Europe in 1975 struggling with the limitations of his scout knife. What he needed for the next 10 months of travel, he thought, was a knife with a built in set of pliers.

Once at home in the USA, Tim used his knowledge of engineering to the task of creating a compact knife featuring many different useful tools. After seven years, the first Leatherman tools were on store and camping gear shelves. Since then, professional hikers, campers, craftsmen, hunters and regular consumers alike have praised the Leatherman name for quality and innovation.

Most Leatherman tools are made with 100% stainless steel and can last for years under hard labor. The steel is heat treated to create an ultimate blade hardness and durability. Screwdriver heads and plier jaws are cut sharp under professional ANSI specifications, while measurements are calculated using a laser micrometer.

Where to Find Leatherman Tools

Because the name of Leatherman is so popular, it is quite easy to find Leatherman multi-tools and knives for purchase. Many hiking and camping stores offer a large range of Leatherman items, while knife specialty shops regularly hold discount sales. If you know the size and functions you wish for your Leatherman tool, you can usually find great low prices on the Internet as well.

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