Multi Tools

Written by Sierra Rein
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For home improvement, remodeling, decorating and maintenance jobs, multi tools are the most effective items to have in one's pocket. Small enough to carry around on a lanyard or in a small toolkit, these tools carry both a sharp blade and any number of other useful items as well. These can include, but are not limited to, screwdrivers, wire cutters, files, awls, tweezers and pliers.

Because of this multitude of different options to include in a knife, there are a great number of different multi tools to choose from. The size of the knife will largely depend on the main purpose it will be employed for. For example, for hunting and camping it is best to purchase a multi tool with a strong, sturdy knife, a good set of tweezers and a pair of pliers.

Multi tools make great gifts for anyone who likes to have the right tool on hand at the right time. These can include hunters, hikers, survivalists, plumbers, mechanics and repairmen. However, anyone who enjoys performing their own house maintenance can enjoy the benefits of a multi tool.

Accessories to Purchase for Multi Tools

In addition to the tool itself, one can buy sheaths, knife sharpeners, lanyards and keychains to accompany it. These can usually be purchased directly from the same manufacturer as the tool, or found by a second company. However, make sure the dimensions of the tool are measured and taken into account before buying any accessory items.

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