Outdoor Survival Gear

Written by Sierra Rein
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For any camper or hiker, the right outdoor survival gear can mean life and death. This is especially true for those who decide to go off the beaten path and truly discover the adventures of the wild. After all, it is essential that the best tools for any emergency be on hand at any moment.

There are several sub-categories of outdoor survival gear, from multi-utility tools to handy automatic pocket knives. Hikers who walk through a lot of brush would do well to purchase large brush thinning knives, while a splitting axe will allow anyone to remove fallen wood from the path.

Of course, when it comes to survival gear nothing can take the place of a fully equipped emergency response kit. This can be filled with an array of different items, including bandaids, splints, poison bite antidotes, flashlights, a folding spade, saws and knives. All this equipment should be checked before departure and refilled after returning home to ensure total readiness.

Purchasing Outdoor Survival Gear Kits

Sometimes it is better to purchase individual items and put them together instead of relying on the manufacturer's choice of products. You can honestly buy what you need for a camping trip, and add to it later when new ideas aries. However, before putting together this outdoor survival gear, talk to a professional survivalist or do a bit of research regarding all the considerations involved.

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