Pocket Knife

Written by Abby Luttrell
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When you think you want to buy a pocket knife, be prepared to decide among a wide variety of folding knives. For example, the "jack" knife comes in many different styles and designs. A jack knife is a single ended knife with the blade or blades hinged at one end.

The Evolution of the Pocket Knife

Different styles of jack knives which have been popular over the years are the Trapper, the Folding Hunter, the Fishtail, the Sailor's Rigging, the Barlow, the Moose, and the Canoes. It gives you some idea of how important folding knives were to the average American settler in the early days of our nationhood!

The second kind of pocket knife is the multi-blade. We all know this as the Boy Scout Knife or the Swiss Army Knife. These knives function not only as cutting blades but also as a miniature tool chest. Special blades can be implemented which will function as a screwdriver, a scissors, a can opener, a wrench, a corkscrew, and many more.

Lastly, the "penknife" is a lightweight, small, double ended knife with two or three blades, hinged at both ends. Some small pen knives are single ended. The colorful names for the different pen knives also betray their usefulness in days gone by: the Lobster, the Watch Fob, the Office, the Whittler, the Gunstock, and the Quill. We may not need pocket knives for our daily work anymore, but they are versatile tools which can be handy in many situations.

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