Pocket Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Small and discreet, pocket knives have been the untold hero of many small (and large) emergencies. A pocket or folding knife is one of the most useful tools and can be practical for camping, hiking, woodworking and first-aid kits. They are very popular because they can also hide and store specialized tools, such as pliers, tweezers, files and secondary blades.

Pocket knives usually employ a lockback blade so it does not fold back once pressure is applied. Knowing how to open and handle a pocket knife is as important as knowing how to hold a larger blade. Improper use and thoughtless cutting moves can cause needless accidents.

A good idea is to teach everyone in your household how to hold a pocket knife before introducing it into the home. This is especially good if there are young children involved. Kids and young teenagers should understand to respect tools and blades and to never misuse them.

Pocket Knives Are Meant for More Than the Pocket!

Because of their extreme usefulness, many people keep pocket knives hooked on keychains, lanyards and ropes. They are perfect for glove boxes and medical kits in addition to boats, RV's, fishing tackle boxes and hunting tool kits. Pocket knives make great gifts for young adults, fishermen, craftsmen, or friends looking to always have a toothpick, nail file or box-opening blade handy.

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