Rambo Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Some of the most collected military-style blades are Rambo knives. Inspired by the props utilized in the First Blood film series, replicas of these knives feature aluminum handles with a compass directly installed into the pommel. These can be utilized in real survival situations, or placed on display for admirers to see.

Rambo knives are based on the design of the basic combat ready survival knife. A strong, hefty blade, sharp on one side and sawback cut on the other, is fitted into a black handle wrapped in cord. The compass on the pommel unscrews to reveal a hidden handle compartment, perfect for a small survival or medical kit.

Some knives considered to be "Rambo-style" are not exactly like the film, but close enough to evoke the power and heroic nature of the lead character. Many manufacturers of Rambo knives include leather or imitation leather sheaths that can be placed on the belt, boot or backpack for easy access. Others offer a variety of different folding knife and combination survival/ options as well.

Rambo Knives are Not Toys

Because of their great beauty and magnetism, it is quite tempting for people to utilize these knives as toys and not as the deadly weapons they can become. It is essential to teach every member of the household about knife safety and treating Rambo knives with complete respect. Make sure to store these knives in display cases that have locks, especially if impressionable young children are involved.

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