Sog Knives

Written by Beth Hrusch
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SOG knives have been in production for seventeen years, and the SOG Company has developed into a leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty knives. SOG originally stood for Studies and Observation Group, an elite military group created for covert operations during the Vietnam War. SOG created its own gear for use during its mission. Many of these tactical items, including knives, were designed for harsh and demanding environments. The SOG Knife Company adheres to this tradition when designing and manufacturing its line of knives for personal and professional use.

The SOG Knife

Some SOG knives have innovative features that set them apart. The SEAL Revolver has a locking lever which, when depressed, rotates the blade to transform the knife into a saw. The X42 Field Knife is made from a BG-42 stainless steel, a new material that is extremely hard and durable. The drop point blade is perfect for hunting and camping chores. For something different, check out the SOG Duo. It has a locking safety frame to hold a second blade in the handle. One blade is serrated, the other is fine edge. A tactical knife on the cutting edge of knife technology, the X-42 Recondo has a glass-reinforced Zytel handle for a light weight feel and maximum grip. Made with X-42 steel, it is both exceptionally strong and sharp.

The Northwest Ranger is SOG's foremost hunting knife. Its partially serrated blade is equipped to cut through fibrous materials, and its non-slip Kraton handle works well both wet and dry. The SOG Bowie is a reproduction of the original knife carried by SOG special forces during the Vietnam War. Its carbon steel blade and leather handle make it a functional and highly collectible knife prized by knife enthusiasts worldwide.

SOG Knives for Life

SOG makes knives that are truly an investment. The designs of their knives are based on tested field use, and the features reflect the actual needs of the knife user. Ownership of a SOG knife ensures years of reliable use in the field, on the job or in the home. SOG knives are available online and at knife dealers nationwide.

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