Sog Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Despite their unique name, SOG knives are at the top of the knife manufacturing game. They can be found in either fixed blade or folding styles, and are made for a number of different purposes. SOG knives are well known as the top choice for professional and practical uses.

The SOG company has introduce a number of unique innovations into the knife market. The first are multi-tools that are easily opened with one hand and which include double leverage power for strong plier pressure. Another is the SwitchPlier, able to be opened with just a push-button.

The fixed blade line of SOG knives are considered so reliable and professional that the US Navy Seals utilize them. These advanced knives use the Arc-Lock design that allows one-handed unlocking and secure grip technology. All of the knives under the SOG name are created as the perfect meld of craftsmanship and imagination.

A Short History of SOG Knives

SOG is actually an abbreviation of "Studies and Observation Group," a group of military personnel who performed covert operations in Vietnam. They were allowed to design and manufacture their own lines of knives, and after creating one of the most reliable and special knives for one of the harshest environments, the SOG group continued to design and build knives for the world. SOG knives are distributed around the world and can be found in most hunting, tactical, military, survival and professional knife stores.

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