Sog Specialty Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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The philosophy behind Sog specialty knives is that every blade should be made with both style and supreme craftsmanship. Utilizing the most up to date knife technologies known to the modern world, the Sog company always seeks to provide life-enhancing blades and cutting tools. This is no surprise to those who understand the history of Sog and where these manufacturers first learned about the value of a good, solid utility knife at their side.

Sog stands for "The Studies and Observation Group," which was the original name of a covert special warfare unit during the Vietnam War. Once its members returned from the battlefields, they put their knowledge of combat to good use and began developing specialized combat and survival blades for private and public entities. Today they also manufacture fixed and folding knives and multipurpose tools for a variety of uses.

Most Sog specialty knives are made with all stainless steel construction and a lifetime guarantee accompanies almost every item made. Fixed blades can come prepackaged with a Kydex sheath and nylon lanyard, while folding utility tools are built with one-handed unlocking mechanisms. Most Sog specialty knives include safety latches that lock the blade down in case an accidental slip or reverse move is performed.

Sources of Sog Specialty Knives

You can find many Sog knives through combat and camping gear stores. There are also a number of online distributing websites that sell discounted Sog gear and knives as well. If you are looking for a good deal, these online companies may be able to offer wholesale prices as well as better shipping options.

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