Strider Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Strider Knives is a business dedicated to providing their clients with reliable knives and survival gear designed to work in even the most difficult of situations. Founded and currently run by retired military personnel, the company utilizes the most up to date combat information to manufacture and customize combat and survival knives to fit stated requirements. Indeed, whether the client is a branch of the military which needs a new knife to fit a special operation or an individual searching for a custom-built hunting knife, a Strider knife can be found.

Strider knives have been used by professional hunters, soldiers, survivalists and campers over the years for a number of purposes. They will live up to even the most strenuous tasks and environments. They can also take a lot of wear and tear, especially if used for everyday jobs around the campfire.

Strider also carries many different kinds of specialty, folding and double edged knives as well. For complete combat preparation, one can purchase matching concealable backup Strider knives to keep in one's boot or other safe place. However, the most popular are the general purpose blades, which are quite formidable-looking and can arrive with tiger striped blades and rubberized handles.

Before Purchasing Strider Knives, Safety First

Make sure you think about safety and proper knife training before buying a knife for either yourself or a friend. Take a knife fighting class and learn the fundamentals of balance, grip, falling with a weapon and properly shielding a knife blow before picking up a combat knife. Never hold a knife up to an attacker before understanding how to wield it; otherwise, you may do yourself harm by mistake and may miss your chance to simple run away.

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