Survival Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Survival knives are the most important items a soldier, hunter or camper can take with him. They are meant to be made with the highest quality metal and are designed never to fall apart in a moment of need. Whether this need means cutting a rope to tie a tent down or defending oneself against an attacker, a survival knife should always be a reliable source of support.

The best manufacturers test their survival knives in real circumstances, from wet jungles to dry deserts. Those that do not prove themselves in the first phases of the design process are tossed to make way for better and more trustworthy technologies. After all, in a pinch a survival knife can make the difference between life and death.

The basic design of most survival knives is pretty simple, with a straightforward handle and a single-edged blade. Combat tactical knives are meant to cut, slash and pierce an attacker's flesh easily and effectively. However, because some survival blades are meant to cut into other things, like wood, rope, wire, plastic, and even metal, some blades can be serrated and double-edged to provide maximum efficiency.

Multi-Purpose Survival Knives

The most popular of survival tools amongst the average consumer is the multi-tool knife. This is usually a folding pocket knife which is combined with a number of other tools, from a screwdriver to a bottle opener. These are great if kept in first-aid kits, auto glove boxes, and emergency camping gear to always be on hand in a true emergency.

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