Sword And Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Considering the fact that swords and knives are just a few of the oldest forms of human tools and weaponry, it is no wonder that they have become so varied and specialized over the millennia. There are literally hundreds of uses for knives, from simple kitchen cutting tools to vicious self defense blades. Swords have been given spiritual and political significance in addition to their original intent for war.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who buy swords and knives throughout the year. Some collect them for their historical or antique appraisal or even invest their money in items they know will rise in value over the years. Others enjoy their heroic beauty and may utilize them as decorative touches in their home or office.

For practical purposes, knives are more likely to be bought for real use than swords. However, some hefty swords are still in use in the military and in outdoor survivalist groups. Some large knives, especially those built to cut foliage and brush, are large enough to be considered sword-like, but lack the grace usually associated with their more elegant cousins.

Giving Swords and Knives as Gifts

The best types of people to purchase swords and knives for are people with a truly respectful appreciation for blades and their functions. Hunters, fisherman, serious backpackers and history enthusiasts should all know the proper care of a knife and how to treat it well. Never give swords and knives to children or otherwise irresponsible people without first teaching them that these items are not toys and should not be wielded as such.

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