Tactical Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Tactical knives are blades pertaining to the art of military and naval practices and maneuvering. They are traditionally a part of most combat gear kits and are utilized by marines, soldiers, sailors and special operation forces on a daily basis. They can also be used as survival knives for hunters, backpackers and campers for defensive or medical emergencies.

Many city inhabitants also carry tactical knives for their own sense of well-being and security. Of course, it is always important to learn how to handle a knife such as this and understand how to wield it without cutting oneself. You can find many knife and hand combat training schools who will show you how to effectively and safely hold and use a tactical knife in a defensive situation.

For those training in the military or who wish to arm themselves in the wild, it is a good idea to carry several types of tactical knives. There should be a main cutting one, like a Bowie knife, for slicing and chopping trees and branches, one for possible hand to hand fighting and another for practical chores around the campfire. Choosing a few different blade lengths and metal strengths will prepare you for any possibility or eventuality.

The Basic Design of Tactical Knives

Most tactical knives have a simple 5 to 7 inch blade featuring a sharp tip and rubber-gripped handle. One can purchase from a number of different sheath options, including waist, arm and boot holders. Some tactical knives feature rust-proof stainless steel, wrist thongs, compasses, and a variety of different multi-tool options.

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