Utility Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Utility knives are built around the concept of manufacturing a blade which is specifically created for a distinct purpose. One utility knife may be made particularly for cutting deep carpeting, while another can be a good all-around kitchen blade. There are several different manufacturers of utility tools and many different styles within each brand name.

The choice of utility knife depends on what specific work needs to be accomplished. Some utility knives are heavy and made with metal, perfect for tough cutting jobs, while others may be light and have molded plastic handles which are perfect for hikers, campers and boating trips. It is important to choose the best knife for the job; otherwise, hundreds of dollars may be needlessly spent or even ruined by applying the wrong task to the wrong knife.

Thus, try to keep in mind what you will be specifically using it for. If you plan on having the utility knife on hand at most times, consider purchasing a folding knife or accessorizing it with a belt sheath. If you have already determined what kind of knife to buy, consider purchasing extra blades or a knife sharpener to always have a backup repair option.

Utility Knives as Gifts

If you know someone who works with their hands on projects, home repair, on art or crafts, or who travels a lot, a good set of utility knives and blades is a great gift. They are also great for hunters and fishermen who need a great cutting tool besides their fillet and gutting knives. Just make sure the utility knives you look at have safety catches, lockback functions and is made with a rust-proof blade.

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