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Adidas Arm Protectors

Written by Sierra Rein
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Adidas arm protectors are part of a proud collection of Adidas sparring gear. They are incredibly versatile and popular amongst martial artists and kickboxers, especially those that require the use of the arms to block. By wearing padded Adidas forearm protectors, a student can continue training without the fear of bodily harm.

Some of the first moves learned by martial arts students is how to punch and block with the arms. Injuries often occur when a kick is not blocked properly, including bruises, hairline fractures, and even broken bones. To reduce the risk of these types of injuries, a student will wear sparring gear on her arms for her partner and to protect herself as well.

How Adidas Arm Protectors are Designed to Help You

Adidas arm protectors are made with five layers of a high density foam. These foam layers are surrounded by a soft outer layer of vinyl that gives way to kicks and punches (making it less painful for the sparring partner when his punch lands). Width at the top and a narrow mouth at the wrist ensures a good fit, while two straps keep the pads from sliding around.

These protectors are more comfortable than most elastic foam guards. They come in a simple white and feature the familiar Adidas logo on the front. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes, depending on the length and circumference of the forearm.

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