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Adidas Champion Judo Uniforms

Written by Sierra Rein
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Ask any Judo student or instructor about what brand of apparel to buy for training and he or she will likely recommend Adidas Champion Judo uniforms. Made by the same company which manufactures uniforms sanctioned by the World TaeKwondo Federation, these Judo uniforms meet any and all expectations. They are good for training, sparring, home exercises, and competitions.

Because most Judo students need to a have at least two colors of uniforms (in order to contrast from other competitors during tournaments), Adidas Champion Judo uniforms can be purchased in either the traditional white or navy blue. All uniforms are made of incredibly durable cloth, double woven with 925g/m2 of pre-shrunk cotton strength. Years and years of wear can be placed on these uniforms without a lot of needless tearing and fraying.

Adidas Champion Judo Uniforms for the Ladies!

Recently, Adidas created the Judo Ladies gi especially for the female form. These are made to fit better around the shoulders and waist and are made of the same fabric strength. They include reinforced shoulders, armholes, and sleeves and feature drawstring waist pants with full gusset.

Most uniforms do not arrive with a belt included, as these sorts of items are given to a student during his training. However, any martial artist can purchase and use these quality uniforms regardless of his level of expertise. Adidas Judo uniforms in general are incredibly good investments because they will last longer than other uniforms and provide much-needed protection during sparring and training sessions.

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