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Adidas Chest Protectors

Written by Sierra Rein
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Throughout the years, martial arts students and teachers have relied on Adidas chest protectors as major components of their daily sparring regiments. With the Adidas name comes years of experience within the sports world, and the company's products are currently being used by self defense students, boxers, wrestlers, and members of other combative arts. Adidas is continually searching for new and improved technologies with their gear as well.

Without chest protectors, a martial artist is in danger of cracked ribs, bruised chest muscles, and solar plexus hits that will knock the air out of the lungs. It is not a good idea, especially when sparring with heavyweight black belts, to train unprotected. It leaves one in risk of experiencing serious yet needless damage to the body that may not heal for weeks or months at a time.

How Adidas Chest Protectors are Designed

Adidas chest protectors are made to surround the front and sides of the chest with a protective layer of foam. Most models have reversible colors for easy "team" sparring sets, while a few designs feature white protectors with red (or reversible blue) "target" hits to train a student where to hit on the body. These protectors are WTF (World TaeKwondo Federation) and WKF (World Karate Federation) approved and are made of high quality leather and foam.

Because Adidas martial arts uniforms and sparring gear are incredibly popular, they are easily found in stock at most martial arts stores. A simple measurement of the torso, from shoulder to waist and around the chest at the pectoral muscles, can give you an idea of what size you need to purchase. Most chest protectors come with adjustable straps in order that any body frame can be fitted.

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