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Adidas Foam Dipped Headgear

Written by Sierra Rein
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Adidas foam dipped headgear are part of a long line of quality sparring gear. They are quite well known and respected amongst competitors of all types of martial arts and boxing tournaments. A comparison to other headgear usually reveals a strong advantage over competitive brands, especially when it comes to affordability and extra head protection.

Like most other Adidas sparring gear, Adidas foam dipped headgear is designed to include an additional layer of foam that provides extra comfort and protection. This protective layer is made to absorb excessive knocks and shocks due to kicks and punches to the head during sparring training time. The headgear surrounds the head with 1/2 inch dipped foam and covers the sides, back, and top of the head against direct or indirect injuries due to a number of accidents or planned moves.

The Advantage of Having Gear like Adidas Foam Dipped Headgear

The brain is a delicate organ of the body. It requires a lot of protection and padding, especially when in danger of being knocked around inside the skull. If a martial arts student is not careful, he can experience a concussion or possible bruising of the brain if he is not wearing proper sparring headgear.

Adidas foam dipped headgear also includes ear guards and a sheet towel to absorb excessive perspiration. It is WTF (World TaeKwonDo Federation) approved and is made of a Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber shell coated in a Polyurethane foam covering. This turtle headgear is also light enough to keep undue pressure off of the neck and shoulders, leaving the head and upper body unencumbered for proper fighting techniques.

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