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Adidas Grandmaster Uniforms

Written by Sierra Rein
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Adidas Grandmaster uniforms are the champion of martial arts apparel. Used mainly as high level TaeKwondo uniforms, these jacket/pant combinations are made with a lot of care towards quality and endurance. They are flexible enough to allow for full movement of the body, tough enough to go through a lot of wear, yet breathable enough for any heat and perspiration to be absorbed or evaporated.

To become a grandmaster (in case you are curious as to the name of these uniforms) you literally have to work your way up a series of levels. At each new level you receive a new colored belt, starting from white and eventually ending with a black belt. Once at the black belt station, a student goes through 10 "dans" to be worthy enough of the Grandmaster title.

Who Wears Adidas Grandmaster Uniforms?

Although they are made in many different sizes, from the children's small to adult 3X-large, most athletes agree that the grandmaster name should apply to black belts, masters, and grandmasters alone. However, anyone can benefit from using these comfortable, flexible, and durable uniforms for a number of different applications. They are approved by the World TaeKwondo Federation, yet can be worn for many other genres of self defense, including mixed martial arts.

Like the popular AdiChamp TaeKwondo uniform, Adidas Grandmaster uniforms are made with an extremely high quality spur yarn fabric. It can be found in white with black or white trim and feature three Adidas stripes down the pant leg and on the shoulder. The uniform (made of 45% cotton and 55% polyester fabric) features the Adidas logo on the right chest, right upper leg area, and bottom of the jacket to the back.

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