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Adidas Groin Protectors

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many athletes, Adidas groin protectors are their insurance against any hits to the groin area. Unfortunately, accidents happen during sparring lessons, especially when students are just starting to learn how to control their movements. By wearing a quality groin protector, a student will be assured that no unnecessary pain will be experienced during a training session.

The groin is an incredibly sensitive are of the body, especially for men but also for women as well. In addition to the gonads, there are several large arteries at the inside of the thigh which, if hit, can cause massive pain and bruising. Either way, if a martial artist feels he or she is in any danger of getting hit in this area, it is a good idea to purchase a groin protector.

Adidas Groin Protectors: Made for All Martial Arts

Adidas groin protectors are shaped and made to allow the movement of the torso and legs to be free and unencumbered. The protector is kept in pace with an elastic waistband and adjustable support straps. It is designed to be worn either underneath uniform pants or towards the outside.

Like most Adidas sparring gear, these groin guards are made of a plastic shell core covered with foam. A vinyl shell surrounds this, making the gear extremely durable and resistant to a lot of beating. The foam acts as a shock absorber, and disperses the energy of the blow as soon as it hits.

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