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Adidas Judo Uniforms

Written by Sierra Rein
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Adidas Judo uniforms are known to be one of the best options a Judo student or master can hope for. With the Adidas name, they know that they are purchasing one of the highest quality Judo uniforms manufactured today. It is no wonder that the Adidas company is the proud official gi and sponsor of the French Judo Federation and is an official supplier to the International Judo Foundation.

Designed by Howard Liu of HCK, they are made from 100% sanforized mercerised cotton (meaning pre-shrunk double weave fabric). These Judo uniforms come in either the traditional white uniform or classic navy blue and arrive to meet any competition uniform standard. A double weave of 925g/m2 assures that the jacket and pants will last through any tough workout without rips or tears.

Further Information on Adidas Judo Uniforms

The jacket includes reinforced shoulders, sleeves, and armholes while the lapel features a stiffer fabric that aids against fraying. The Judo pants are made with either a drawstring or elastic waistband and feature side vents and full gusset reinforcement. Side vents along the side of the pants allow for extra air to flow through.

Adidas Judo uniforms come in four styles: Club, Contest, Elite, and Champion. Each have a specific cut and style to them, as well as differing fabric weight and features. Make sure you check out the other styles of Adidas wear before choosing a uniform to purchase.

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