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Adidas Leg Protectors

Written by Sierra Rein
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Adidas leg protectors are perhaps the most important sparring gear items the company has ever made. They can be purchased to cover just the shin (knee to ankle) or the entire bottom half of the leg (from knee bones to the insteps of the feet). No matter what type of martial art you are training in, a leg protector can reduce the physical risks involved.

Shin bones are incredibly susceptible to breaks and bruises. Anyone who has hit their shins against a coffee table can instantly be reminded of the immense pain involved. During training and sparring, the leg and shin is one of the most endangered areas of the body to be hit (whether on purpose or accidentally), while hits to the instep of the foot can lead to fractured bones.

The Construction of Adidas Leg Protectors

Adidas leg protectors are made with the same care as many other Adidas products. A doubly-padded layer of foam covers the front shins, protecting the delicate thin skin and muscles around the bone. They are curved on the inside to mimic the curve of the leg, assuring a secure fit. Most Adidas models include hook and loop closures to keep the protectors in place and are adjustable around the calf muscles.

It is always recommended to martial artists and kickboxers to protect the body at all costs when sparring or training. Accidents and injuries can happen that often put athletes out of commission for weeks or months at a time. While wearing sparring gear is not a definite warranty against injury, it is better to be protected from harm than to risk bodily injury.

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