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Adidas Martial Arts Mitt

Written by Sierra Rein
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An Adidas martial arts mitt is a kidney-shaped training tool utilized by coaches, teachers, and sparring partners. They are soft enough to pad the feet and hands against any true harm yet are strong and durable enough to resist continuous blows. They are held by the trainers by one hand or two and can be moved around during target kicking and punching practice for the student.

These sparring gear tools are great for strengthening eye to muscle coordination and balance at the same time. They can be placed low at the beginning stages of training and raised bit by bit over time as the student gains balance, flexibility, and reach. Use them in spin kick training, jump kicks, hand and palm punches, and other fast-moving coordination lessons.

How an Adidas Martial Arts Mitt is Made

These hand-held targets are formed out of high-density foam and are covered with a Polyurethane vinyl sheath. The foam is strong and durable and will provide years and years of hard wear and tear. It is designed to be comfortably held by one hand without too much strain placed on the wrist bones.

An elastic band is included on the Adidas martial arts mitt and can be wrapped around the wrist to ensure a good hold when sparring. They can be purchased in single sleek form or doubly padded for extra hard kicks and punches. Like most other Adidas martial arts uniforms and equipment, it comes with high recommendations and a history of quality.

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