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Adidas Sports Bags

Written by Sierra Rein
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Adidas sports bags are a great accessory for athletes, martial artists, and anyone who takes weekly trips to the gym. The traditional style is made in three different sizes, from personal duffels to extra large models big enough to carry sparring gear, water bottles, Adidas martial arts uniforms, and towels. Their square design can fit into most gym lockers and feature the familiar black and white three-stripe Adidas logo.

These sports bags feature one end pocket in the small model and two end pockets in larger sizes. Quality zippers ensure for easy and catch-less opening and closing while strong stitching maintains structure throughout the bag. The two handles are made with two-tone webbing for slip-free grasp, with optional shoulder strap included.

The Popularity of Adidas Sports Bags

Because most athletes trust the Adidas name, most vendors of sports bags and other products are eager to put these bags on the shelves. There are many other different models, from backpacks to the "Medalist Duffel" model, to a number of large duffels that are strong enough to be used on airplane trips. Other Adidas sports bags contain wet/dry compartments to set wet items apart from important items like cell phones, keys, and paper products.

They are perfect sports bags when martial artists need to pack up training equipment to go on tournament trips and can be relied on for their durable nylon, polyester, or tarpaulin fabric. You can place a number of Adidas sparring gear for transport between the home, office, and self defense school. Due to their popularity, a number of different martial arts stores and online shopping sources carry a variety of Adidas sports bags at good sales and discounts.

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