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Adidas Wrist Mitt

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Adidas wrist mitt model is designed perfectly for hand target training. They can be used for a number of martial arts, including Karate, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and a number of other arts that include kicking and punching techniques. They protect the sparring coach from harm by covering the hand and wrist with a protective pad while allowing full force to be thrown by the attacker.

An Adidas wrist mitt is made of the same quality as other sparring gear of the same name. Genuine leather surrounds a flat disc-shaped foam layer insert. A hand-shaped glove is sewn into the back to house the hand and keep the mitt from sliding off after a hard blow.

How an Adidas Wrist Mitt can Help in Martial Arts Training

Like the Adidas martial arts mitt, the wrist mitt is meant to train eye to muscle coordination in the athlete. Making the target mobile, the student has to learn how to judge distance and speed and to be able to hit the mitt at a moment's notice. A regular punching and fighting bag is not able to provide the randomness which a human attacker often function with.

Adidas makes wrist mitts in two models of black, brown, yellow, red or green colors. One model includes an extra pad below the glove to protect the wrist and forearm, while the other is just formed into a simple circle. An extra elastic wrist band is included with the forearm model to keep it securely attached to the arm.

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