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Written by Sierra Rein
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Aikido is a martial art developed by Japanese 'Great Teacher' Morihei Ueshiba (oftentimes referred to by his title 'O Sensei'). If you consider the purely physical level it is an art which involves throws and joint locks. O Sensei formed his art in the early part of the 20th century from Jujitsu joint locks techniques derived from Kenjutsu.

Aikido techniques focus on using an opponent's own energy to gain control of them, not on punching or kicking them. Motion and the dynamics of movement are emphasized, thus making it quite the opposite of a static art. Aikido has many different internal styles, as O Sensei's students learned the techniques and interpreted them in unique ways over the years, creating both traditional and more modern schools.

Aikido Is "The Cultivation of Ki"

Part of the great benefits to learning Aikido is to learn the philosophical and religious bases behind it. Ki, or energy, is a vital force which is cultivated in the martial art to achieve physical and emotional mastery. Universal unification and harmony, not destruction, are the tenets of Aikido.

At least two fundamental threads are common in all Aikido styles. The first is a commitment to peacefully resolve a conflict whenever the opportunity arises, and the second is a personal commitment to improve the self and the mind through Aikido training. If you need more information on Aikido, please check out the other pages here at our site, or feel free to contact us!

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