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Aluminum Octagon Sais

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to Okinawan martial arts weapons, aluminum octagon Sais are an incredible challenge to learn. A Sai is made to look like a mini trident about 18 to 21 inches in length. They are fitted to the length of the forearm so that the blade fully protects the arm in times of battle.

Two metal prongs extend a third of the way from the bottom of the handle and protects the flesh of the hand. The bottom of the handle is used in karate-like punches and jabs. Octagonal blades, shaped to do more damage, are placed above the handle guards.

The Benefits of Aluminum Octagon Sais

Learning the many flipping techniques, catching and throwing moves, and strikes associated with sais is a good idea if one wants to develop strong wrists and arms. Aluminum octagon sais are lighter than traditional ones and can allow a student to work on his moves before graduating to heavier sais. Some models include retractable blades that can be flipped out for whipping and striking moves.

Sais are beautiful objects, and some manufacturers of octagon sais take advantage of this to create beautiful display weapons. However, for martial artists eager to show off their moves, aluminum ones are recommended. They are cheaper and more easily purchased than display versions and are less likely to break and chip.

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