Basic Self Defense

Written by Sierra Rein
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Basic self defense does not require weeks of practice. It does not demand incredible upper body strength or previous athletic ability. However, it does require knowledge of the human body and a willpower to do everything one can to incapacitate an attacker.

Some simple self defense moves include jabs to the eyes, throat, Adam's apple and groin. These can be done using the bottom edge of the palm, outside edge of the hand, or the fingers. Kicks to these areas while the assailant is on the ground is a good way to render him helpless while you run away.

Some of the most basic self defense moves take advantage of simple instincts. Licking the hand that is over one's mouth, for example, causes an involuntary reaction in most people, and will give you time to scream in his ear. Bites and scratches often hurt psychologically more than punches and kicks, so add these in any opportunity you can.

Where to Go to Train in Basic Self Defense

One can find many different martial arts and basic self defense schools. However, many do not teach real one-on-one street survival movements, so check with each course before deciding to take it. Learning from a self defense video is great for people who need to set their own hours or who do not live near a good defensive school.

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