Basic Self Defense Moves

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are a number of simple basic self defense moves to memorize. These do not promise survival in a fight or attack, but they will increase your odds of getting out of one alive and reasonably unharmed. You just need to know the proper use of these moves and have the confidence to execute them with full force and willpower.

The most effective basic self defense moves are what are called "stop hits." These occur in the first 15 seconds of an attack and are meant to surprise the attacker with one's ferocity and quickness to deliver pain. "Stop hits" can include hand jabs to the throat and eyes and knee hits to the solar plexus and groin (if it is a male attacker).

If, however, the 15 seconds go by without success, or if the attacker has you in a locked position, there are some good basic self defense moves to get out of a tight situation. These include heel kicks to the feet and shins, tripping the attacker to roll out of a body or headlock and using one's balance and strength to push the attacker into a sharp or hard object. The point of most of these moves is not to "win" a fight but to get away from the opponent and allow yourself a head start to run away from the situation and yell for help.

Train Basic Self Defense Moves at Home

There are many home videos and DVD's out there which will detail the moves above, as well as many different variations on these tactics. An entire family or workplace can benefit from even the lessons learned in the first video of a series of volumes. Advanced courses can give individuals a higher level of confidence and strength and can help to hone the abilities learned in earlier lessons.

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