Being Attacked

Written by Sierra Rein
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The body goes through several amazing changes once it feels as though it is being attacked. However, despite the fact that every human has a survival instinct, not many people know how to trust it and funnel it into powerful defensive moves. Understanding how the body reacts to stress is the first step towards being able to control one's movements.

The part of the brain that controls our sense of danger is called the hypothalamus. It is walnut-sized and has been a part of the primitive brain ever since our ancient prehistoric cousins first roamed the planet. Whenever we as modern humans find ourselves in a stressful, dangerous or frustratingly confusing situation, the hypothalamus takes over, pumps the body with adrenaline, and allows it to react instinctively.

These instinctive reactions in a person who is being attacked can be categorized as either "fight" or "flight" responses. Normally, if one has the ability to flee a dangerous threat, this would be the first reaction. However, if a human is cornered or feels as though she has to stand up to the attacker for survival, the fight response kicks in and he must use his knowledge of self defense moves to get him out of the situation.

You Know You're Being Attacked...Now What?

The unfortunate reality is that most people rely on their personal experience and memories of martial arts movies when being attacked by a real-life opponent. However, when push comes to shove, this is not enough to come out of a fight unscathed. It is important to know and fully understand the physics behind hand punches, kicks, head and body locks, and how to avoid the threat of weapons if one is going to be considered trained in the art of self defense.

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